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Presidential Thoughts

I have been many things in my career, in fact, probably called many things, but never a ‘Blogger’. With the publishing of this, I guess I now am one! I don’t promise perfect prose, grammar, and spelling will be as good as spell-check permits. My goal will be to provide information and commentary and news [...]

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Welcome to Magnuson & Associates, LTD

We are a locally owned and operated insurance agency in Tucson, Arizona with over 30 years of experience. We represent a number of Insurance Companies in multiple product lines. Our goal is to provide insurance solutions to protect you, your family and your business, including health, life and disability coverage for your individual and employer needs.

In striving to make the ever changing insurance process more convenient and easier to navigate, our service team is available to help you with any issue or concern you have, including but not limited to billing, claims and benefits questions.

In an ever shifting economy, at Magnuson & Associates, LTD., we don’t predict the future; we prepare you for it.